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Vacuum (2017)

An artist film by Jake Astbury.

This prophetic film was produced in 2017 and screened (non-commercially at the Sycharth Gallery) as both a single screen film and multi-screen installation. The film weaves archive and newly produced scenes to create an intertextual vision, linking many of the films Jake has made, to warn those that were watching, of the terrifying future to come. For the more sharp eyed viewer, watch out for a television frame showing William Burrows and Salman Rushdie sitting together.

A vacuum is declared by the same means that attempts to fill it. Whether it be what we might want to purchase between midnight and 6AM, whether our preferred viewing mode is via the live, the recorded or the performed, or whether we want to believe what the guy with the theory said about a President, daydreaming is dead. A vacuum has been declared - haunted television sets playing reruns of someone operating a VCR which then plays you back to yourself is on analogue standby, ready to be the filler. In this piece media attempts to mimic a daydream with nightmarish consequences.

In order of performance
James Tweedy
Omar Shaker
Isabella Berretta
Al Smith
Juliet Lundholm
Terra Millar

Human Fly - The Cramps
Mind at the end of the tether - Tackhead
The Sacred And Her Journey Home - Mirko Uhig
Jay Greyhood presents - 80's Porn Music Volume I
Additional Audio:
Jack White on the Zapruder Hoax

Title: Vacuum (2017)
Formats: HD 1080p, DV, VHS, Video8, 8mm, Super8, 35mm, 120mm
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Colour / Black and White
Duration: 10 minutes