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Ex Stasis (2009)
Anamorphic Digital Stills

This film was written and produced over a week in 2009 in reaction to the media hysteria and contrived panic being created around the swine flu stories.

At the time of making this film the free Metro newspaper exclaimed on their front cover that most of west London would be wiped out by this strain of flu.

The film was screened at The Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of the Black Box series 2009 and is held in the BFI collection.

Directed by Jake Astbury
Written by Jake Astbury and Helena Astbury
Music by Kourosh Dini
Cinematography by Jake Astbury
Edit and Sound Design by Helena Astbury
Format: Anamorphic digital photographs.
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Subtitles: English
Black & White / Colour
Duration 4 minutes 32 seconds