Jake Astbury selected filmography

The Worker (2022)
Stay Awake (2022)
the entanglement of self and the other (2020)
This City is an illusion: The Debt (2019)
this is all we have II (2018)
Vacuum (2017)
Police State (2016)
Ex Stasis (2009)
Autochrome (2007)
We Billion Cheered, Channel Four (2004)
Camera Crushing (1997)
Step and Motion (1997)
Perpetual Motion (1992)
Cut & Scratch (1992)

Helena Astbury filmography

Estuary Girl (2017)
Angeland (2017)
Elizabeth/In Parts (in others, Monsters) (2017)
Alice is a Doll (2011)
%"Not Jane" (2011)
For Claude (2011)
Cara Mama (2010)
L’arlequin sur la route D’Edgware (2009)
Ringmaster My Sister (2009)
Some Parts Are Missing (2009)
"Not Alice" (2009)
A Model Artist (2008)
Morning Suits (2008)


24 Lines (2011)
Cara Mamma (Dear Mummy) - Festival Delle Lettere, Milan (2010)
Ex Stasis (2009)

Commercial Work as The Astburys'

Tata Steel Promo (2017)
Francesa M Tayor, Mens fashion Promo sponsored by Kickers (2012)
The Whitehouse theatre trailer (2011)
Pre-Olympics Nike Kinetic UK Promo (2009)
The Dealers, Live (2008)

Selected Commercial Work as Jake Astbury

Deep State, Mirza/Butler, Lighting and Camera Operator (2012)
Serpentine Gallery, Bidoun Library Seminars, Camera (2011)
M.A.G online magazine, Yarah Bravo Interview, Camera(2009)
M.A.G online magazine, Saffron Interview, Camera (2009)
M.A.G online magazine, Lauren Pope Interview, Camera (2009)
Bantam Films, Kinetic, Nike, D.O.P (2009)
Amnesty International, 1000 Voices, D.O.P (2008)
Granada Television,‘The Last Detective IV’Camera operator (2006)
Stylorouge, Tara Blaise, Three Degrees Video, Camera (2005)
Stylorouge, Tara Blaise, Paperback Cliché, Camera (2004)
The Corrs - Live in Lisbon / Geneva, Camera Operator (2004)
David Viner ‘Long Gone Honey’,D.O.P (2004)
Channel 4, Indentinet Documentary (D.O.P) (2002)
Yorkshire TV, Christine Keeler Doc (Camera Operator) (2002)
Mirza/Butler ‘Where a straight line meets a Curve’(Camera) (2000)
Pulse Dance Company (Director / D.O.P) (1999)

Jake Astbury and Daniel Astbury
This City is an illusion: Ground Under Girl (2005-2020)
The Evocation (1998-2020)
Nunchaku (2005)
Kodak Super-8 Promo, (Director, D.O.P) (2001)
Looking Back at Andy (1998-2020)