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Kodak VI (2016)

I had recently bought a 1930's Ensign No: 29 Box Camera and noted the image produced on the small ground glass view finder was reminiscent of early cinema. The image was silvery and granular, but limited in size. I decided to use this viewfinder to produce an image as opposed to loading the Box Camera with film.

I used Canon 550D Digital camera with a 50mm lens plus an extension tube to record the Box Camera viewfinder. The 550D camera was mounted vertically using a horizontal arm attached to a lighting stand. This allowed the camera to be mounted above the Ensign Box Camera's viewfinder.
I used an 800w movie light to illuminate a small seated area in my studio for a simple performance. This would be recorded through the viewfinder on to digital photographs.

Technical: Canon 550D settings: ISO 400D, aperture F1.8, Intervalometer (Magic Lantern) 1 x Image per second. Capture resolution: 5184 x 3456.