Helena Filmography

Esturary Girl UK 2017 N/D 2 mins 10secs HD
Elizabeth/In Parts (in others, Monsters) UK 2017 N/D 8 mins HD
The Angel, And UK 2016 English 4 mins HD
For Claude UK 2011 N/D 8 mins Stills Animation
“Not Jane.” UK 2011 N/D 3 mins Stills Animation
After You’ve Gone, Honey UK 2010 N/D 5 mins HDV,
L’Arlequin sur la route D’edgware UK 2009 N/D 3 mins Animation/DV
some parts are missing UK 2009 N/D 7 mins Stills animation
Ringmaster, My Sister UK 2009 N/D 3 mins Super 8
“Not Alice.” UK 2009 N/D 3 mins Stills animation
A Model Artist UK 2008 N/D 6 mins, DV/ Super8
Morning Suits UK 2008 English 6 mins,DV

As The Astburys:

This City is an Illusion: the debt UK 2019 English Co-Maker, Editor
Gabriel in Disguise UK 2012 English Co-Maker (Feature)
Day Will Fall UK 2011 English Editor
24 Lines UK 2011English Co-Maker (Feature)
Dear Mummy (Cara Mamma) UK/Italy 2010 English/Italian Co-Maker
Ex Stasis UK 2008 N/D Co-Writer, Editor

In collaboration:

The Book of Hours short poemfilm Filmmaker
DYAD short films, digital publication Filmmaker, Editor, Designer
Sexbeat Festival live AV for Banjo or Freakout Maker

Festivals and Screenings:

Festival Delle Lettere
London Short Film Festival
Edinburgh Film Festival
Film Festival Breda
Paris Feminist Film Festival
Vox Feminae Croatia
Leicester Dance Festival
Branchage Festival Jersey
Melbourne Queer Film Festival + Touring programme
Encounters Film Festival Liverpool
St John’s Women’s International Film Festival Newfoundland
Iris Prize Festival (official shortlisted film)
Greenwich Dance Agency cabaret
Creekside Arts Festival London

Reimagining Gothic Creative Showcase, University of Sheffield
Metamatic gallery, Athens, Greece (DYAD project)
Galeri54 Gothenburg, Sweden
Something’s Coming to Town, Moogie Wonderland, Kent touring exhibition
O2 Arena screens (Big Dance takeover – London region)
Centro Culturo Banco de Brasil (gallery space screening)