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This City is an Illusion: Angels Passing, Part III (2020)

Synopsis: Two angels come to earth to reconnect with each other, but the material plain proves challenging, one is blinded and one is seduced by deceptive agents who operate on the earthly plain to trick, corrupt and deceive.

The film's characters He and She are symbolic archetypes, the angels representative of our own embodied aspects of the masculine and feminine as well the left and right aspects of the divine mind.

This City is an Illusion: Angels Passing (2020) was written and directed by Jake and Helena Astbury and was originally released as a 70 minute film titled 24Lines. The film follows a dream like structure, offering both a literal and hidden interpretation.

The film was shot over 4 days of the Easter bank holiday in 2012. After a number of screenings in London, the film was re-cut and re-titled Gabriel in Disguise.

This 2020, 22 minute version, is the most recent cut with a complete re-grade but remains true to the original vision with the original music by Bebe Fang and Mirko Uhlig intact.