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This City Is An Illusion: The Debt, Part I (2019)
DV, 16mm, Super8

Part factual document using personal film archive and real interviews, part fictional narrative shot across central and south east London; This City Is An Illusion: The Debt, follows the fragmented psycho-odyssey of a London Soho Debt Collector suffering from psychosis, whose past, present and future congeal, his world and its characters splintering into a cyclic ritual of remembering, retelling and retribution, against the ominous backdrop of Canary Wharf Financial Centre.

Written and Directed by Jake Astbury

Omar Shaker as Gabriel
James Tweedy as The Horse
Sarah Rush as Faith
Karen McCaffrey as Mrs Jones
Scarlet Rose McCaffrey as Little Girl

Technical Specifications:
Mini-DV Anamorphic, cropped HD, Super8, 16mm.

Aspect Ratio: 2.70:1

Sound: Stereo

Colour and Black and White

Duration: 21 minutes, 21 seconds

2009 16:9 Letterbox 70 minutes,
2023 2.70:1native, 21mins, 21seconds.

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