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This City is an Illusion: Ground under Girl, Part II (2020)

This film is part II of The City is an Illusion series set in London.

Written and Directed by Jake and Daniel Astbury, the film features Helena Astbury, Jessica Johnson and Paul Roffman. The film was shot in 2005 around central London, UK, including: Baker Street, Marble Arch, Liverpool Street, The Barbican and Covent Garden.

The film is entirely shot on MiniDV using 1970's 2x Anamorphic lenses custom fitted to Sony DV cameras. However the open section of the film is shot on Regular 8mm film.

The films limited budget of £2000 was spent on props, food, travel and payment for each of the actors. For the interior scenes, two Arri lights were used, a 2000W and an 800W. Maya Deren's film Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) and Chris Markers's La Jetée (1962) are the key inspirations for this film and its circular narrative, of a young woman waking up from her dream of control and subjugation.

Helena Astbury as Christina
Jessica Johnson as Feral Christina
Paul Roffman as Dr Richter
Daniel Astbury as Intruder
Camera Operation: Daniel Astbury
Choreography: Daniel Astbury
Lighting: Jake Astbury
Edit: Jake Astbury
Music: Headpiece by Captain Now, Oxl Owl by Tatsuhiko Asano, I've Got Rings On My Fingers by Blanche Ring.
Written and Directed by Jake and Daniel Astbury

Technical Specifications:
Format: Mini-DV, Regular 8mm and Super 8 using ISCO-OPTIC 2x Anamorphic Lens
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Sound: Stereo
Black & White
No Dialogue
Duration: 21 minutes 21 seconds