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The Dream (1998)

This film was a first attempt at representing a dream. I chose to work with highly challenging perimeters using a slow speed film: Kodachrome 40 a film stock primarily used bright conditions.
Kodachrome was rated at 40asa to Tungsten 25asa to Daylight with a Wratten 85b.
Kodachrome was also a reversal film with an extremely limited latitude. However Kodachrome was one of the finest grain emulsions Kodak produced and its slide based nature reproduced colours with increased saturation in the reds.

The film was shot in one night using a single 800w Lamp. I employed a number of camera features to compensate for the low sensitivity of the film including a frame rate of 4fps, a low light shutter with an aperture F1.4.

Format: Super-8 Kodachrome 40
Camera: Beaulieu 6008s
Fps: 4
Year: 1998